Forest Hill

   Church of God


When it came time to find a venue that would host the Alabama

Quartet Convention, the task proved more difficult than we first imagined. 

After countless hours of phone calls, and visits to multiple churchs in the

community, we feel like we have found the right place to call home. 

Forest Hill Church of God was just what God wanted.  The relationship

between the ALQC staff and the FHCOG staff is one that only God could put together.  They have bent over backwards for us and have helped us in anyway, just short of running the event for us.  Pastor Daniel Blaylock and the entire staff have gone above and beyond to ensure this event is a success.  We want to say a special thank you for that.  From the stage set up, to the lighting schemes to the general 'look' and 'feel', it's exactly what we wanted in every way. 


The church is located in the overlook community, directly across the street from Moffett Road Baptist Chruch.  The address is 5508 Moffett Road, Mobile, AL.  Please visit the church family sometime and be sure and thank them for being such awesome hosts for the Alabama Quartet Convention.  Without their partnership in this event, we would not be able to have it.